anjali+satyan: a breeze through central park

Posted in celebrations, engagement by Julie Quon on 2010/07/02

my engagement shoot with a super sweet couple, anjali & satyan, proved slightly difficult and it had nothing to do with them. although our saturday afternoon of wandering around central park was marked with sunny skies and cool temperatures it was also dotted with some pretty aggressive winds. the winds were plenty disruptive and at some points hazardous but anjali & satyan were amazing troopers and a pleasure to shoot! as the dusty winds kicked up in air (and in their eyes) during our session, they kept their smiles on and definitely let their love shine on through… thanks for being so great you two!


88-Keys: Wake Up Call

Posted in music by Julie Quon on 2010/05/22

my friend, Alisa who was working on the production of hip-hop artist and producer 88-Keys‘ video “Wake Up Call“, invited me onto the set to shoot some behind-the-scenes photos during their 12+ hour day of set-building and filming. i enjoyed lurking about and having an opportunity to shoot the creatives on set – it was definitely some fun times…

the video consists of 4 different sets conceived and built by Susan Linss and her students from Pratt. the video was under the direction of Martin Linss and filmed at Attic Studios in Long Island City, NY.

rori+ryan: seaport lovely

Posted in celebrations, engagement, portrait by Julie Quon on 2010/01/17

it was a chilly day in december but that didn’t keep me from getting some really fun and intimate pictures of the beautiful couple rori & ryan. there’s something great about the south street seaport – the cobblestone streets, maritime architecture and history really lends itself to creating some unique settings for this engagement shoot.

i had a fun time shooting this talented couple who own an amazing longboard shop in williamsburg, brooklyn. not only did they demonstrate some of their athletic prowess, throw in some holiday spirit but it was great to see how much in love they are… congrats rori & ryan!

firing a kiln in east hampton, ny

Posted in still life, wanderlust by Julie Quon on 2009/09/13

august 28-29th: a trip to the east hamptons in long island, ny to hang out with a friend who was keeping a kiln fired up for a few days. there’s something about the misty cool air and the heat of a kiln that makes for a relaxing 18 hours and some beautiful shots.

flowers: melodia wedding

Posted in still life by Julie Quon on 2009/08/17

you’ll begin to notice that i have many interests – if there’s something to learn, it’s likely i’ll try to learn it. plus who doesn’t love picking up a skill or five?

exhibit a: in late april i took a freelance job with emily thompson flowers for a wedding at the metropolitan building in long island city, queens. given permission by emily to document the process and designs, i happily armed myself with my camera and photographed the flowers and final creations. beautiful!

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers

emily thompson flowers