about julie

I’m a native New Yorker residing in the Lower East Side/Chinatown. I received my B.A. in Architecture from Columbia University but ultimately spent my days working for a contemporary gallery in Chelsea surrounded by creative and innovative artwork and artists. I received a Certificate of Photography from The International Center of Photography and always welcome the opportunity to photograph.

photography is a passion so I photograph everything (and anyone) that will let me. I appreciate meeting new people, hearing their amazing stories and having the opportunity to retell them through the photographs I take.

I’m not a traditional sort of gal, so if you prefer a unique perspective and are a fan of the simple, whimsical and slightly goofy – I’m certain the story I tell will be one you’ll like.


additional specs:
background: architecture, contemporary art, photography
likes: simplicity, whimsy, whisky, alec soth
dislikes: soft-filter effects, humidity
gear: analog (film) and digital
preferred gear of choice: Canon EOS outfits & my dad’s vintage Rolleiflex TLR



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