connie+alex: sunshine and cola

Posted in celebrations, engagement by Julie Quon on 2012/03/07

slowly but surely I’m finally adding the sessions I’ve done in the last year + a half up on this blog. another one from the archives…

the backdrop was the NYC skyline as connie & alex had a little fun at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City. we lucked out with some sunny weather and their choice of prop (sunglasses which would double as guest party favors at their wedding) were put into good use. super fun!


jackie+jeff: love in the hills

Posted in celebrations, weddings by Julie Quon on 2012/03/01

a year and half later and I still remember this backyard farm wedding that had love in the hills. a carnival themed affair, all the personal touches contributed to the event (right down to the amazing food by the bride’s korean background amongst the southern bbq) showed how much love everyone had for the newly wedded. an beautiful celebration for a wonderful couple.

rori+ryan: into the woods

Posted in celebrations, weddings by Julie Quon on 2011/08/30

a bagpipe player, a harmonica-serenading groom, a lantern procession and a couple deeply in love – this wedding was an enchanted fairytale unfolding in the middle of the woods.

a “brief” hiatus…

Posted in Uncategorized by Julie Quon on 2011/08/29

it’s been a year and much has happened! I’ve spent the last year completing a one-year program at The International Center of Photography where I had the opportunity to spend some time developing some personal photography projects and meeting and learning from some amazing photographers and artists. the intense program kept me from updating this blog regularly but now that I’ve officially graduated (yay!) I’m finally up to task to updating this site with some new-old images.

first up is Rori & Ryan’s wedding out in the beautiful woods of ThorpeWood in Maryland. stay tuned!

sneak peek: rori+ryan wedding

Posted in celebrations, weddings by Julie Quon on 2010/07/12

nearly finished with the pictures from rori & ryan’s wedding! the setting was beautiful and the couple, gorgeous. here’s a little preview of things to come…